purity shows it is never too late to go to school


purity has had many challenges...

When she was a young child living in a remote Kenyan village her mother died.  This meant she had to leave school to become the carer for her father and siblings. She grew up, fell in love, and married - only to be abandoned by her partner, to live as a single mother of two children with no support. When she lost her job serving petrol in the village garage, she might have accepted that her lot was to continue to eke out an existence and live in poverty.

But Purity knew that an education was the only way her children, Faith and Ryan, had a chance at a better life. So she was determined to give them the education she had missed out on. 

This meant leaving her children at home while she travelled a long distance to a larger centre, Piave in Kenya’s Rift Valley, to find a job. Instead, this decision led her on a path to her own education at 38 years of age. 

When she arrived in Piave she was introduced to the Piave Youth Polytechnic, which iCARE has helped to build and resource, and Purity decided to train as a motor mechanic.

Purity’s vocational training as a motor mechanic belies her feminine and fragile exterior, but she is not one to be stereotyped! 

Now her goal is to have a successful job as a motor mechanic that will ensure she is able to support her children’s education and provide them with a better life.

Although it is hard being separated from her children while she studies, Purity knows the outcome will be worth it. She is determined to set a good example to Faith and Ryan, and to other women in situations like hers.

Being apart from her children is hard enough, but it is especially unbearable at Christmas time.

This Christmas please make a donation to provide a life-changing education for women like Purity and their children. 

Read Purity's letter of thanks for her special gift of education.