you can do just about anything and be a transformer! 

here's some ideas.

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here are some tips to start with. we are putting together some more good things, so come back in a couple of days.....please.....or give us a call


Running your own fundraising activity is a fun and rewarding way to make a difference.

From fun runs and marathons, golf days and challenges, dress-up days and movie nights, sausage sizzles, morning teas and group fundraising activities in your workplace, to donating your birthday you can transform lives through education.

tips to get you started and help you put on a successful fundraiser.

1. Choose an event

Your fundraiser can be as big or small as you like.

BIG community events include fundraising balls, charity concerts and fun runs and walks.

If you’re planning a big fundraising event we'll be happy to talk to you.

SMALL community events include a sausage sizzle or morning tea at work, a mufti day or fancy dress day at school, or an outing such as a bowling night.

If you’re planning a small fundraising event read our Community Fundraising Tips (they'll be loaded here very soon!).

We will need you to register your fundraiser with us.  

2. Tell us about it

Make sure you tell us about your fundraiser so we can help spread the word.

Click here to register your fundraiser (coming in a tick).

 3. Start fundraising!

Set up your fundraising page

Set up and customise your own online fundraising page (coming in a tic)

4.  Promote your event

Tell your friends and family about your fundraiser – share the unique link to your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter and email to reach as many supporters as you can.

Make sure you customise your page so friends and family can see what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and why they should support you.

You might also want to approach some local media to promote your fundraiser while raising awareness of iCARE. We will soon be adding a Media Guide and Media Release Template to help you secure the best possible coverage of your event.

tips for fundraising online

1. Personalise your online fundraising page. Adding a photo or video of yourself to your fundraising page has been proven to cause more donations.

2. Why are you fundraising for iCARE? Write a short description of why you are participating and put it on your fundraising page.

3. Set a target. Decide how much money you want to raise. Make your goal ambitious but realistic.

4. Start off your fundraising with your own donation – Donate $50 to your page so that you can set the bar high for your donors.

5. Get the word out: Make a list of everyone you know and send them an e-mail with a link to your fundraising page asking them to make a donation. Post a link to your fundraising page on social media. Please see our social media tips and sample letters to donors. (Coming soon!)

6. Get your work involved by asking them to match your donation. Many workplaces match the fundraising efforts of their staff. Talk to your boss or charity committee about getting involved.

7. Ask your local businesses for a donation. Contact the places you regularly visit, like your hairdresser, day care centre, school or sports club, and ask if they could give $25. Remember to tell them that any donation of $2 and over is tax deductible.

8. Use your network to spread the word. Your regular email and social media activities are a great way to get the word out about your event. Add a sentence to your email signature like “I’m going to xxx for iCARE. Please support me with a donation at www. (yourfundraisingpage)”. If you’re on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, post a link to your fundraising page on your profile, share progress updates and ask your followers to donate.