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iCARE's bright future as it joins forces with respected international development agency ChildFund Australia

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stories about projects in Kenya's Rift Valley and Cambodia that are having a positive impact on literacy

iCARE and ChildFund join forces to provide education for children in developing countries

Photo:   iCare and ChildFund will combine their experience in delivering   high quality   education programs for children in developing countries.

Photo:   iCare and ChildFund will combine their experience in delivering high quality education programs for children in developing countries.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - 5 June 2017: Respected international development agencies ChildFund Australia and iCARE (International Christian Aid Relief Enterprise) today announced their decision to join forces, and combine their decades of experience in delivering high quality education programs for children in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The formal transition is expected to take place on 1 July 2017, when iCARE will become a subsidiary of ChildFund Australia. At that time, ChildFund Australia will absorb iCARE's operations, and assume the overall management and implementation of its development programs in The Philippines and Kenya

ChildFund Australia implements programs with a range of local partners in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, and manages projects delivered by partner organisations throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. iCARE has implemented programs in many of the world’s poorest communities and currently undertakes projects with partner organisations in Kenya and the Philippines.

Nigel Spence, CEO of ChildFund Australia, said: “Our organisations share similar histories, a long-standing commitment to children’s rights and a strong belief in the vital importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty.”

“We have a great amount of respect for the work that iCARE undertakes and the support it has secured from the Australian public. So we are excited to see how combining our strengths will bring positive change to even more children in a way that is innovative, effective and cost-efficient.”

Julian Fewtrell, Chair of iCARE, said: “We are delighted to be aligning with a like-minded organisation that so clearly shares our purpose and values.  It presents a wonderful opportunity to expand our work to even more communities as part of the larger ChildFund Alliance network.”

Both ChildFund Australia and iCARE were established in Australia during the 1980s in response to global child poverty. Both organisations take a holistic approach to their child-focused development activities, with projects covering education, healthcare, water and sanitation, nutrition, livelihoods and child protection.

With significant expertise in the field of education, both ChildFund and iCARE prioritise increased access to education, high standards of school facilities and improvements in the quality of education for children in the rural communities where they work.

In recent years, this has seen both organisations implement projects which have delivered new or improved school buildings and related infrastructure, teacher training in child-friendly learning methodologies, modernised educational resources such as libraries and technology, and the creation of new literacy and numeracy programs to improve learning outcomes for children.

The formal transition is expected to take place on 1 July 2017, when iCARE will become a subsidiary of ChildFund Australia.

Media enquiries: Larissa Tuohy, head of communications, 0437 337 118


Autumn 2017 Newsletter from iCARE

Read iCARE's Autumn 2017 News Update

Read iCARE's Autumn 2017 News Update

This edition includes:

  • A message from the Chair, Julian Fewtrell
  • A report on iCARE's work in the Philippines from our Program Manager, Ronnie Alonzo, including his visit in January 2017 to assess the Adopt-a-School and the Heed & Thrive projects at the half way point of their implementation.
  • An update on the successful IT project at Comprehensive College Kitekita, Uganda.
  • Two progress updates from Kenya's Rift Valley Region:
    • ‘Kenya’s Free Primary Education for All’ project, involving 4 primary schools across the disadvantaged communities of Analat, Loberer, Utalii and Kong-asis , and 
    • Youth with Skills project,which is helping the Piave Youth Polytechnic (YP) to improve as a technical and vocational education school in the Piave community.

I hope you enjoy it and see what a difference your support makes to the lives of children living in disadvantaged circumstances.

We thank those of you who give so generously to support our programs. If you would like to make a donation this Easter

iCARE celebrates achievements in the Philippines with country partner HBI

iCARE's Programs Officer Ron Alonzo posts from the Philippines where he has been visiting and reviewing the progress and outcomes of our programs there.

iCARE and its partner-in-service in the Philippines, HBI, says thank you to the parents, teachers, and students of Sucoc Norte Elementary School for its contribution to the on-going Adopt-a-School program. 

To date, the program has eradicated malnutrition in the school, improved learning outcomes among students, and increased the school's overall ranking in the district from the poorest performing school in 2014 to the second best performing school in 2016.

iCARE and its partner-in-service in the Philippines, HBI, are immensely proud of the school's achievements and is grateful for the support of the school and the community.

Christmas Newsletter from iCARE

Here's the iCARE Newsletter Update for December 2016, which I hope you will find the time to read. It includes:

  • iCARE’s visit to Canberra to meet with Philippines Ambassador Minda Calaguin-Cruz, Kenyan High Commissioner Isaiya Kabira and Ugandan High Commissioner Enoch Nkuruho.  
  • December’s Supporter Profile – Diana Grace
  • A report on our Uganda ICT project at Comprehensive College Kitetika by iCARE Ambassador David Namanya 
  • An update on the new “Girls Can Do I.T.” project in the Philippines.

We thank those of you who have already made a Christmas gift. But it is not too late to contribute to our Christmas Appeal – You can make your gift online here.

Do you still need some presents?  Why not give the gift of education? Take a look at our ‘iCARE shop’ where you can see a selection of Donation Gift e-CARDS that will help educate children in some of the world’s poorest communities.  Not only are they wonderful gifts – they are also 100% tax deductible. 

This Christmas Give A Gift of Education

This Christmas we encourage you to give a gift of education for women like Purity and their children.  Purity has had many challenges in her life, and now at the age of 38 is training to become a motor mechanic at the Piave Youth Polytechnic in Kenya's Rift Valley, which iCARE has helped to build and resource.  

When she was a young child living in a remote Kenyan village Purity's mother died.  This meant she had to leave school to become the carer for her father and siblings. She grew up, fell in love, and married - only to be abandoned by her partner, to live as a single mother of two children with no support. When she lost her job serving petrol in the village garage, she might have accepted that her lot was to continue to eke out an existence and live in poverty. The single mother of two young children was abandoned by her partner with no support.  

But Purity knew that an education was the only way her children, Faith and Ryan, had a chance at a better life. So she was determined to give them the education she had missed out on. 

This meant leaving her children at home while she travelled a long distance to a larger centre, Piave in Kenya’s Rift Valley, to find a job. Instead, this decision led her on a path to her own education at 38 years of age. 

Now her goal is to have a successful job as a motor mechanic that will ensure she is able to support her children’s education and provide them with a better life.

Although it is hard being separated from her children while she studies, Purity knows the outcome will be worth it. She is determined to set a good example to Faith and Ryan, and to other women in situations like hers.

Being apart from her children is hard enough, but it is especially unbearable at Christmas time.

Purity shows it is never too late to go to school.

This Christmas please make a donation to provide a life-changing education for women like Purity and their children.

Read Purity's Letter of Thanks for her gift of education here
iCARE works in Kenya, the Philippines, Uganda and India

Please share our message with your family, friends and colleagues 

Girls Can Do I.T. A Program Helping Girls In The Philippines to Thrive

Today iCARE launches its Spring 2016 Campaign to raise $10,000 for the Girls Can Do I.T. program in the Philippines as part of the Heed & Thrive project in the depressed urban area of Adelfa, Navotas.

Under the project iCARE is supporting the Tanza Elementary School.  

Ten year old Marianne is a Grade 5 student at the Tanza Elementary School.  Her dad earns less than $4 a day as a fisherman, but he is committed to his daughter receiving an education.   Now girls like Marianne at the Tanza Elementary School are being supported to follow their dreams through the Girls Can Do I.T. project.  

Marianne is passionate about becoming a computer programmer. Without help Marianne would not be able to work on a computer in a clean school room.  Without support she would have to save up two pesos to visit a cramped and poorly lit, smoke filled internet shop for an hour in her depressed urban area.

Today our goal is to help 25 girls to follow their dreams. 

Girls Can Do I.T. is a pilot computer class program being implemented in the Tanza Elementary School for six (6) months. Although the school now has computers, the software is very basic. This project will provide the school with additional computers and educational computer
programs and software along the areas of Math, Science, Computers and Technology, and Languages and Arts.  

The program’s short-term goal is to provide fun technology and enrichment classes to 25 gifted girls enrolled in the school who have shown interests and aptitude in STEM courses.

The program is focused on girls because more often than not, they are overlooked whenever an opportunity in Science and Technology comes up in their school. 

Please support Marianne to follow her dreams

iCARE helps to Eradicate Poverty

Today is the International Day for Eradication of Poverty.  Please take a look at how iCARE uses education to transform lives in some of the world's most poverty stricken locations, in Kenya, India, Uganda and the Philippines.  At iCARE we are not the biggest, but we are proud of our achievements.  We'd love you to join us as we do our bit to eradicate poverty. Help us spread the word or make a donation. We invited you to share this with your networks and visit our Website 

More Than 66 Million Girls Around The World Are Not In School

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child.  Its a day to recognise much more still needs to be done to end the barriers that prevent girls receiving an education.  Especially girls in some of the most poverty stricken regions in the world  Why?  Because education transforms lives.

For every year a girl stays in school she'll increase her income by 10%

Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to ensure their daughters are educated

iCARE invites you to join us in celebrating the girls of the world!  We invite you to take a look at what we do in India, Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines to help girls to thrive.  Our programs support young entrepreneurs and mothers like Purity in Kenya's Rift Valley and budding IT specialists, like Dorothy in Uganda.  They encourage science and technology for primary school girls in the Philippines and education for young Indian girls like Reddamma to overcome becoming child brides.

the Top End Visit

General Manager, Miles Young and Program Manager, Ronnie Alonzo had an action packed trip to Darwin last week.  Their two and a half day visit took in the 20th Barrio Fiesta organised by the Filipino Australian Association of the NT, meetings with the Honorary Consul of the Philippines to the NT Mr John Rivas, as well as attending Church services and catching up with iCare supporters.

Our special thanks go to Dr Frances Booth, AM for helping to co-ordinate the visit and for her marvellous support of iCare and its programs that use education to transform the lives of women, children and youth in Uganda, India, Kenya and the Philippines.

Here's Miles with some of our iCare friends and supporters in Darwin.

iCARE Visits Darwin

Miles Young and Ronnie Dane Alonzo from iCare will be celebrating the 20th Barrio Fiesta 2016 with the Filipino Australian Association of the Northern Territory this weekend.  iCare will be at the Fiesta on Saturday 3rd and attending Mass with the Filipino community on Sunday.

Miles will also be catching up with good iCare supporters from the Top End, including iCare Ambassador Frances Booth who has been instrumental in getting the visit happening, as well as one of our wonderful supporters.

We'll have some stories and pictures of the activities and events!