More Than 66 Million Girls Around The World Are Not In School

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child.  Its a day to recognise much more still needs to be done to end the barriers that prevent girls receiving an education.  Especially girls in some of the most poverty stricken regions in the world  Why?  Because education transforms lives.

For every year a girl stays in school she'll increase her income by 10%

Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to ensure their daughters are educated

iCARE invites you to join us in celebrating the girls of the world!  We invite you to take a look at what we do in India, Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines to help girls to thrive.  Our programs support young entrepreneurs and mothers like Purity in Kenya's Rift Valley and budding IT specialists, like Dorothy in Uganda.  They encourage science and technology for primary school girls in the Philippines and education for young Indian girls like Reddamma to overcome becoming child brides.