We want to do our bit to overcome poverty and transform lives through education.   Our holistic approach ensures that each program is developed so that all the elements to achieve our desired outcomes are considered.  From building schools, providing clean water, healthy food, teacher training and safety, our programs are developed with our partners to achieve the following outcomes. 



More women, children and youth in disadvantaged communities are receiving an education.  


Schools in disadvantaged areas are providing a better education.    



Students from disadvantaged areas are achieving their full potential at school.



Improved livelihoods in disadvantaged communities.  


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Meet Dorothy Nalwadda and see how an iCARE scholarship transformed her life.  Now Dorothy is giving back to her community as a volunteer teacher and entrepreneur. <see more>


Our partnership with Ashraya Neelbagh School benefited more than 7,000 children - especially girls like Reddamma whose father now sees the value of educating his daughters. <see more>


iCare currently supports vocational education at the Piave Youth Polytechnic in Kenya's Rift Valley.  Purity is 38 years old.  She's excited to be given a chance to learn new skills.  <see more>


Nicolein's mum works as a maid overseas to support her. Nicolein wants an education so she can become a teacher and help girls to get jobs at home and not be separated from family. <see more>


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Midterm Review for the Adopt-a-School and Heed and Thrive Projects - April2017

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