We are people with a purpose - we come from different backgrounds and different places - but we share a passion and commitment to supporting education programs which are the most effective way of achieving positive and lasting change for the women, children and youth we work with in Kenya, India, Uganda and the Philippines, as well as for their schools and communities.


our board

Meet our Board Members



Julian Fewtrell is a management consultant who specialises in business strategy and change, primarily within the wealth management industry. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds Bachelor of Economics(Sydney) and Executive MBA (AGSM) qualifications



Patricia has held senior executive positions and directorships in the international shipping and logistics industry, driving and enabling business growth and performance through strategy, finance, IT and HR innovations.  She has lived and worked in parts of Africa, Denmark, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Patricia was a founding Committee member of the Danish School in Pennant Hills. She holds an MSc Transport from Imperial College London, is a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a member of Women on Boards.

I was born and brought up in Uganda, so am very passionate about ICARE's contribution to education in Uganda and Kenya. I had a wonderful childhood in this magnificent country, and believe this background and primary education in Kampala formed me and opened my eyes to the wider world and the opportunities I have had.

"What we take for granted, children in these countries can only dream about. Let us help them realize their dreams and change their lives."


Roland is currently an Advisory Board Member of Asahi Holdings Australia Pty Ltd, WhistlePig LLC , Stuart Alexander Pty Ltd and a Non-Executive Director of Taylor Wines Pty Ltd.
He has held Executive positions with several consumer goods companies and has worked and lived in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, France, UK : he is a graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (MA), the University of Houston (BBA) and Nijenrode University.

our staff

Miles Young- General Manager 

Miles is an Australian-qualified lawyer with a life-long passion for social justice and international development.  He has worked in countries across Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Africa, including in difficult operating environments like post-tsunami Aceh and Sri Lanka, and post-conflict Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Timor-Leste.  While the majority of Miles' work has been in the rule of law space, he sees education as the most important change agent for a better future.

Growing up in Fiji, Miles was greatly influenced by the importance which Indo-Fijian farming communities placed on education.  Brought to Fiji during colonial times as indentured labourers to work the country's sugar plantations under difficult conditions, the communities' investments in education has resulted in their children and their children's children become entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and yes, better farmers as well.  This has transformed lives and communities for the better.


"Receiving an education has so many benefits and opens up so many opportunities on so many levels.  For me, education is not just a means to so-called 'good' jobs - it's a pathway to a much better life.  The next Albert Einstein could be a 10 year old in a disadvantaged community in the Philippines or Kenya or Uganda, whose potential is not being achieved because his or her school is not able to provide a good learning environment.  Helping the school to improve will help that 10 year old become the best person that he or she can be in life ... and to achieve great things like Einstein."

our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are passionate about international development for poverty alleviation and help us promote iCARE’s work to transform lives through education

ICARE_Frances Booth.jpg

Frances Booth

Dr Frances Booth has been a long-time and generous iCARE supporter. As girls in developing countries are usually the main carer in the family, they are likely to marry very early, have more children and frequently there are more problems. Frances is a believer in giving girls the opportunity to break the poverty cycle by gaining access to an education.

“I have been sponsoring children in developing countries for about 40 years. Although I am now retired more or less, I hope to continue this activity indefinitely.”

Highly educated women tend to marry later and have fewer children, more manageable families and family life with a greater chance of a more stable environment. Frances noted that the support of an individual family benefits the entire community because this is what child sponsor-ship aims to do. So Frances is interested to see how individual child sponsorship compares with iCARE’s new policy of supporting community-based activities.

“There are several child sponsoring organisations but I like the fact that iCARE is a Christian organisation" 


wendy and Rhys George

Wendy and Rhys have been long-time and generous supporters for nearly 35 years.

Wendy and Rhys have 2 adult children and 3 gorgeous grandchildren and live in regional Western Australia.  Having been involved in several church groups, they were initially motivated to support iCARE by the realisation of how fortunate they are to live in such a wealthy country as Australia.  They believe that financially supporting iCARE is a way to share their Christian values and the benefits of living in a wealthy country with some of the poorest children in the world.

“We truly believe that iCARE provides important support for some of the most needy children in the world.” 

Wendy and Rhys had the opportunity to visit 2 children and their families as well as 3 schools in Kenya.  They now have a special interest in the country.

iCARE supported students were easily identifiable wearing their uniforms, however, what was also evident was the benefits flowing on to other students not yet sponsored, who also were able to participate in school and benefit from iCARE programs.” 

Whilst in Kenya, they met with the school teachers and participated in the school assembly and tree planting.  They shared meals with the families of their sponsor children and were humbled by their generosity.

Their first-hand exposure to the iCARE programs has shaped their values.

“We certainly are more content with what we have, knowing how grateful people are for basic support in education, health and other support.”

Reflecting on the value of their support for iCARE, Wendy and Rhys said:

“A lot of people are concerned about getting value for money from their donations.  We were pleasantly surprised at how far the sponsorship money to iCARE and the benefits stretch.’

Thank you Wendy and Rhys for your loyal and generous support over the years.

David Namaya2.png

David Namanya

David is a Ugandan national, a professional accountant member of CPA and ACCA, with MSc in Accounting and Finance, a BSc (Hons) Accounting and  is undertaking a PhD in Finance at Victoria University, Melbourne. With more than 10 years’ work experience in accounting, finance and audit for donor fund organisations, government and private sector, as well as teaching business management and accounting for five years in Uganda, David well understands the positive impact of the work iCare is doing in in developing countries, especially Uganda and Kenya.  In becoming an Ambassador for iCare he is keen to use the power of education to transform the lives of women, children and youth to break the cycle of poverty.  David will be visiting Uganda in October and November 2016, and we look forward to him visiting iCare’s projects there.