vision, mission, what we do & our values

The International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (iCARE) was established in Australia in 1982 as a public company limited by guarantee.  


Our vision is for disadvantaged women, children and youth in developing countries to transform their lives through education


Our mission is to support education projects which: 

Increase access to education for disadvantaged women, children and youth

Increase access to education for disadvantaged women, children and youth

Strengthen educational institutions as learning environments

Strengthen educational institutions as learning environments

Help students to achieve their full potential

Help students to achieve their full potential

Improve livelihoods

Improve livelihoods

What we do

We raise funds for, and provide technical assistance to, education projects which are implemented in partnership with local organisations.  Our partners’ knowledge and experience of the local context ensures that projects address areas of real need and deliver significant and lasting benefits. 

We currently support projects in India, Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda.

We are a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

Our position on non-development activity:

iCARE’s policy is to abide by the ACFID Code of Conduct regarding non-development activity.

iCARE does not support or engage in any non-development related activities.

Development assistance will be given to people regardless of their
political or religious beliefs.

Funds raised for education and development will not be used to exploit people and communities who are vulnerable and will not place any conditions or obligations on recipients in terms of non-development, religious or political outcomes that will affect their access to the services being offered.

our values

iCARE understands that our values define the organisation and the people who work for it – how we do our work is just as important as what we do.
iCARE and its people are committed to interacting with others in a respectful, responsible, transparent, and collaborative way, always showing integrity, leadership, resilience and discipline, as well as a willingness to learn and improve.



  • We support the worth and dignity of those we interact with, regardless of their backgrounds, cultures, abilities or beliefs.
  • We demonstrate concern for the growth and development of all, including people with a disability, noting that our focus is on empowering disadvantaged women, children and youth in developing countries to escape the poverty cycle through a quality education.


  • We clearly state our intentions and act accordingly.
  • We are forthright and truthful in our interactions with others.
  • We conduct ourselves with openness and candour in all aspects of our work.
  • We responsibly take care of and manage our stakeholders’ donations.

Leadership & Empowerment

  • We take ownership of, and are therefore accountable for, our words and actions and the choices we make.
  • We set and maintain high standards.
  • We inspire, support and empower others to grow, succeed and take
    ownership of their own futures.
  • We take the initiative and do what needs to be done.
  • We work effectively, whether on an individually or collaborative basis, to achieve effective results.
  • We are dedicated to our work even under challenging times.


  • We work in partnership with those we interact with and value their contributions.
  • We support each other and our stakeholders in pursuing our organisational vision and mission.
  • We share information in, and seek feedback from, all directions to achieve open communication and foster collaboration.
  • We freely contribute hard work and support the iCARE team.

Learning Culture

  • We learn from our successes as well as our mistakes and seize opportunities to improve.
  • We support an environment of growth, development and learning how to do things better.  
  • We listen and learn from different perspectives and experiences.

Statement of Ethics & Conduct

iCARE abides by a Code of Ethics and Conduct which is mandatory for all its Directors, employees and volunteers.

The Code includes the following:

  • The integrity of iCARE, and that of the people who represent it, must be beyond challenge or reproach in every dealing undertaken for or on behalf of the organisation;
  • iCARE’s policies and procedures explicitly prohibit unethical behaviour or actions in all its forms;
  • iCARE must, at all times, comply with its policies and procedures and all applicable laws;
  • Directors and employees of iCARE must ensure that their personal financial activities do not cause them to compromise their professional judgment;
  • Directors and employees of iCARE are to avoid circumstances in which their personal interests conflict, or may appear to conflict, with the interests of the organisation;
  • Any departure from the Code is to be informed to the General Manager or any Director of iCARE; and
  • iCARE employees have a duty to safeguard confidential information, which may come to their possession during their day-to-day work.