girls can do i.t.  

a program helping young girls in the Philippines to follow their dreams

In April Julian Fewtrell, iCARE's Chairman visited Manila on business.  Julian had the privilege of visiting the Heed & Thrive project in the depressed urban area of Adelfa, Navotas. Under the project iCARE is supporting the Tanza Elementary School. He said "It is wonderful to see the progress being made and humbling to see first-hand how your generous donations are transforming the lives of children in such a desperately poor community.  In this case we have provided valuable computer equipment."

In some ways this is a good news story with the progress already made – but it can get much better.

Marianne's dad earns less than $4 a day as a fisherman, but he is committed to his daughter receiving an education. 


Ten year old Marianne is a Grade 5 student at the Tanza Elementary School.  Now girls like Marianne at the Tanza Elementary School are being supported to follow their dreams through the Girls Can Do I.T. project. 

Marianne is passionate about becoming a computer programmer. Without your help Marianne would not be able to work on a computer in a clean school room.  Without your support she would have to save up two pesos to visit a cramped and poorly lit, smoke filled internet shop for an hour in her depressed urban area.  Every day, your support makes stories like Marianne’s possible. 


Our wonderful Ambassador Dr Frances Booth has provided seed funds to support this pilot program. We’d like to raise $10,000 to ensure it becomes an ongoing program. A program that allows the girls to thrive.  We need your help to make it happen.

Would you be willing to make a special Spring donation of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal and give many more girls in Adelfa the skills and education to help them out of poverty?

We simply can’t do it without you. 

Marianne in her clean school room

Marianne in her clean school room

Julian visits Adelfa

Julian visits Adelfa


This Spring our goal is to help 25 girls to follow their dreams.

Girls Can Do I.T. is a pilot computer class program being implemented in the Tanza Elementary School for six (6) months. Although the school now has computers, the software is very basic. This project will provide the school with additional computers and educational computer programs and software along the areas of Math, Science, Computers and Technology, and Languages and Arts. 

The program’s short-term goal is to provide fun technology and enrichment classes to 25 gifted girls enrolled in the school who have shown interests and aptitude in STEM courses.

The program is focused on girls because more often than not, they are overlooked whenever an opportunity in Science and Technology comes up in their school.