what is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is where employees make small, regular donations to charity through their pre-tax pay. Many businesses enhance the collective impact of their workplace giving program through donation matching, workplace fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support.  To participate in a workplace giving program, the charity must have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.*

* iCARE is a Public Benevolent Institution with DGR status

information for employees

Workplace Giving allows employees to make regular donations from their pay to charities that have Deductible Gift Recipient status. Through payroll donations, employees are able to claim an immediate tax deduction.

Employers can also match an employee's contribution. This means employers match any contributions dollar for dollar and sometimes even double donations to help make an even bigger impact!

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iCARE is registered with Good2Give

information for employers

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for staff to regularly donate to charitable organisations.

It operates under a pre-tax system, which results in an automatic tax deduction for employees, without the need for staff to keep and claim receipts. There is no tax payable on the amount employees forego, and no liability for fringe benefits tax.

Employees pledge a nominated amount to the company’s sub-fund and the donation is automatically deducted from their pay and sent to the sub-fund.

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